Ghost in the Shell

Give this DVD a miss.

Ghost in the Shell is based on the popular Japanese anime of the 1990’s and follows Mira (Scarlett Johansson) who is cyber-enhanced for the purpose of being an anti-terrorist soldier.

As she had a physically-altering accident, her brain is inserted into a synthetic body by Hanka Robotics. She is then recruited by Hanka’s CEO into Section Nine, an anti-terrorist operative.

Ghost in the Shell is a cross between The Matrix and Blade Runner, but not on the same scale.

It is an alternative future world of interconnectedness and high-tech innovations, and corruption.

The story becomes a revelation of how the high-tech system of the future shouldn’t enslave humanity, but should serve humanity.

It is visually interesting with holograms in public places shot from a wide angle, better served on the big screen. But the visuals are not the big thing in the film.

Scarlett Johansson in the lead blends in rather than stands out.

Action scenes are medium-cool, but not strong.

At its core should be an emotional story, but it doesn’t pull you in.

Do yourself a favor and give this DVD a miss. The movie is quite cold and keeps one detached and aloof.

Ghost in the Shell, Director: Rupert Sanders, Genre: Science Fiction, Year: 2017, Rating: 5/10

Author: peteswriting

I am a published, experienced writer. Many of the publications I have written for have shut up shop. My first job was a one page film review column every quarter. I did that for four years and then the magazine closed down. For ten years after, I wrote instinctive film reviews on a regular basis for a website, then I left. During that time I contributed faith-based and topical news and features to several publications especially Challenge Weekly (which closed down) and after Challenge still contributed on occasion to other publications. In 2014-16, I regularly contributed to (which is now suspended) and for about eighteen months was an entertainment columnist for Some of my work is linked to below as well as links to my latest blogs.

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